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Abd RabboAl BeansAndrew Johnson
Animation ErrorsAnthony WiggleAshton
Ashton PrimaryAshton Shopping CentreAshton Supermarket
Ask BertBanished at SevenBarnyard Farm
Battle of the Borovian FallsBenjamin PriceBertram Buttercup
Borodzo Village GamesBorovia
Borovian (species)Borovian Bicycle Cheese
Brain Squeezers (game show)Brian StiltonBuilding Man
Captain FeatherswordCastle BigCastle Vampire
Clockwork KnightsColin the ClownCount Vampire
Cut Price SupermarketCynthia (TV Show)Dad Jives
DieseaselDilys PriceDirect Line
Dog WorshippersDorothy the DinosaurDreamer
EPISODE GUIDEEarth II WikiElvis' Pie
Ethel MinionFishermanFisherman's Wife
Frosty Freeze Ice Cream FactoryGamma DorothyGobble and Go
Gordon GodrichGraham ChokovskyGreg Wiggle
Gurinder MorganHeidel Minion
Henry JivesHomebuyer Man
Hope, Faith and CharityInnkeeperInnkeeper's Wife
Jeff WiggleJohn
Josh StevensonKing OttoLenny
Linda RobertsMargaret's Dad
Margaret's MumMargaret StoopsMiss Battle-Axe
Miss LovelyMiss OddbodMossy Bottom Farm
Mother Battle-AxeMountain LionMr. Nerdon
Mr. WhoopsMrs. CrunchMum Jives
MurkinNational Accident HelplineNational Homebuyers
NorboroughNorborough CliffsNorborough Funeral Director's
Norman PriceNummyOilys Price
Peter JivesPhantomstriderPontypandy
PuddleTownQuotesRalph Hamson
Reginald BeadyRosy Tea
Sam BorornSam WiggleSchool Dinners
Sir BorisSir DorisSir Horace
Sir MorrisSnotty BoySoggy Sid
Soraya EdwardsSusan SamsonTed Digleburg
Telly ClickerThe 5-Star HotelThe Best Boys Club
The FarmerThe FishThe Golden Key
The Great Borovian FloodThe King Otto DamThe Land of Vampires
The Time Protonosphere (The Big Knights)The Wiggle BroodmotherThe Witch
The salmonThomas & FriendsThomas and friends characters.
Throw the Old WitchTimberlineTimothy Mossy
Tingly Toothbrush FactoryTonyTroy
Uncle AlbertUnderdog (Species)Underdog II
UnderdoglandVampireVillage Borodzo
Wallace & Gromit: The Two TruthsWanko's WareHouse
Wiggles (Species)WiggletownWilliam Carter
Winston WolfZingo Legs
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